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landfill-gas-wanted-animationWelcome to:

”The Landfill Site”

New to the Landfill Site.

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New to the Landfill Site.


Our aim is to provide you with useful information about waste management, concentrating on landfills, landfilling and waste management engineering.

This web site is at present focussed on activities and practices in the United Kingdom. We hope that visitors from other nations will also find the information of interest.


The UK Waste Diversion targets

Local authorities across England have been set limits on the amount of biodegradable municipal waste they can dispose of in landfill sites. More...

The  Landfilling Scene in the UK

Landfills vary immensely, but even the most recently developed are not considered to Site Compactionprovide a sustainable way of getting rid of rubbish.  They can cause pollution. More...

EU Waste Framework Directive: The new UK requirements for farm waste licensing

Big changes took place in July for Farm (agricultural) Waste. Disposal is now regulated by the Environment Agency under the same regulations as municipal, commercial and industrial waste. More...

Skip Hiring Guide
The important points to cover before you hire.

Changes in Hazardous Waste Disposal in the UK

As from 16 July 2004, the European Landfill Directive imposed new definitions on hazardous waste and the requirements for landfill site disposal became much stricter. More...

Brownfield Waste Information Pack. Download here.

Contaminated Land: Remediation by Soil Washing to reduce cart & tip to landfill sites

On-site soils remediation techniques such as Soils Washing have a bright future, despite Exemption Certificate red tape. More...

Landfill CostsRefuse vehicle discharges waste during landfilling

Waste & Climate
Change. Read
Frequently Asked Questions.

The UK Top 20 Waste Directory:

Waste Directory

Top UK Waste Management (Landfill) Companies

Top UK Waste Contractors (Construction)

Top UK Specialist Landfill Leachate Extraction Contractors

Top 20 UK Consultancies in Waste 2013

Top 20 UK Contractors in Water & Wastewater Treatment

UK Pump & Tank Suppliers to Landfill Operators

General Landfill Links, here.
Contribute to our Forum here
New Recycling Articles Section. How to Recycle!

Site Waste Management Plans: Use Our unique 9 Easy Steps to SWMPs Training Video. Free!

Aerobic Landfills

Current landfills are all anaerobic. Some researchers suggest that we should introduce aerobic practices to accelerate landfill decomposition, more here.

Hazardous Waste and the Construction Industry

The Institution of Civil Engineers has prepared guidance for hazardous waste generated from this industrial sector, after major changes came into force in July 2004. More...

Landfill Liner Leaks

Many landfills continue to leak, causes and leak prevention here.
New Research shows landfills present 1000 year liability. More...The definition of “inert”.

Are you liable for prosecution under
ATEX & DSEA Regs. if there is an accident caused by an explosion or fire
July 2006 was full implementation date. All gassing landfills fall under these Regs, and landfill employers must comply.

New Waste Technologies
web site
Waste Technologies Revolution02

UK Inert Waste Landfill Site Directory

A list of inert waste landfill sites available for the disposal of uncontaminated non-hazardous inert waste soils etc is needed. More...

Leachate Web Site supported by Enviros Methane Stripping Web Site Link
Want to know about the New Waste technologies which will reduce dependency on landfills. Click here.
Top Landfill Operator Landfills: Find them here.
Landfill Pictures: These are very popular pages. Here...
Landfill Problems: We give our views on the problems. Here..

Fact: Municipal Solid Waste generation in the UK averages half a tonne per person per year.

Landfill gas website

With the great push towards using the “new” waste technologies, which the UK government started in 2003, and has now changed waste management in the UK so much that now in 2013 for the first time ever, more waste is being recycled than is being sent to landfill.

So, landfill is unfashionable. Few people are writing about the waste management of landfills, yet so many landfills remain in operation, and the ever increasing stock of closed landfills continues to grow and to require expert management.

But, “The Landfill Site Web Site” will not be deterred by unfashionable subjects, and will continue to provide information on all aspects of landfilling. with a dash of recycling thrown in as well!

Aerial view of landfill cell tipping in action.


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